Ske48 Escape Akb48show 2015

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Hemenway releases "Escape" worldwide + to attend Japan Expo 2012
Rock band Hemenway just released their newest single "Escape" on May 23rd. Known for the anime tie-in's, this single is no different as it is the ending theme song to anime series "Eureka Seven AO". If fans of the band haven't purchased the single yet.

SKE48’s Yuka Nakanishi and Mieko Sato Announce Graduation from the Group
The announcement made during the December 24th Team S performance at SKE48 Theater in Sakae, Nagoya gave some fans a rather unpleasant Christmas surprise. Both Nakanishi and Sato plan to graduate from the group at the end of March 2015 leaving members.

SKE48 WrapUp: Jurina’s announcement, Fake goods extermination, memetastic Furuyanagi, AKB48 SHOW! shooting & Rena’s photobook news!
It’s Tekken-san’s well known masterpiece, Parapara Manga, titled “Pendulum” (振り子), that will have a real-life movie adaptation – and I will be playing a part in it!! Us international fans can sit back and relax and just discuss whatever we.

AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 1035 2015
AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 1035 2015 ... 1, 2015. Fans could vote for their favorite songs selected from singles, albums, live stage performances at theater, unit and solo songs. Therefore it includes the whole discography of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48.

SKE48 名古屋市営地下鉄ジャック!! - 日刊エンタメクリップ (プレスリリース) (ブログ)
11.キスだって左利き 12.アイシテラブル! Disc3 01. 手をつなぎながら ( SKE48 Team S 2nd Stage「手をつなぎながら」公演より) 02. 兆し ( SKE48 Team KII 3rd Stage「ラムネの飲み方」公演より) ... 赤いピンヒールとプロフェッサー (松井珠理奈) 08. 恋を語る詩人になれなくて ( SKE48 Team S 3rd.

Toyota Stadium Glows SKE48 Orange During Day 2 of Rena Matsui’s Graduation Concert!
The final stretch of the concert alternated between SKE48’s fast and slow songs beginning with “Utsukushii Inazuma” and “Escape” followed by Rena ... was held the following day on August 31, 2015.

「SKE48」松井珠理奈が初の作詞曲『花占い』をコンサートで初披露! - Japan芸能カルチャー研究所 (プレスリリース)
みなさん、『 SKE48 』に会いたかったですかー?」と声を掛けると、会場から大きな歓声と拍手が飛び交った。 松井珠理奈は、今年2月の千葉公演にはアンコールでサプライズ登場したが、正式なツアーメンバーとしては 2015 年6月の岩手公演(岩手県民会館)以来のツアー参加&nbsp.

Japanese Government's "Manga-Anime Guardians" Has Deleted 700,000 Illegal Files in 5 Months
The Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) today published a press release about their booth and exhibits for the Manga-Anime Guardians Project at the upcoming Anime Japan 2015 event ... having SKE48/Nogizaka46 member Rena Matsui as a special.

LDH Revealed to Use Bribery to Win Japan Record Awards
EXILE won 2008 – 2010, and again in 2013. Sandaime J Soul Brothers won in 2014 and 2015, and with their currently popularity, look to be a shoo-in for this year. But are these legitimate wins? According to Shukan Bunshun, the answer is no. The.

Is Bushido Katana (Samurai Sword): The... (2016) on Netflix Japan?
This detailed documentary examines the history, symbolism, tradition and beauty of the Japanese sword. Power, honor, the soul itself -- the Japanese sword has grown and evolved along with the very island it comes from.