Ske48 Heavy Rotation Mvm

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Heavy Rotation (JKT48 album)
Heavy Rotation is the 1st cover album released by JKT48 and cover song Heavy Rotation from AKB48's 19th Major Single. This Single features the Senbatsu elected by the fans in the 2nd Senbatsu Election, with Oshima Yuko as center of the single. This single.

AKB48's "Heavy Rotation" creates new record on Oricon's Karaoke Ranking!
AKB48’s 17th single “Heavy Rotation”, which was released back in August of 2010, has come in at number one on Oricon’s Karaoke Ranking this week, making this their 43rd consecutive week at number one! Up until now, ORANGE RANGE’s “Hana” has.

Sister group of AKB48 to be formed in Manila
AKB48 is Japan’s most popular female idol group, with hit songs like “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie,” “Sayonara Crawl,” “Manatsu no Sounds Good,” “Everyday Katyusha,” “Beginner,” “River,” and “Heavy Rotation. “ It is considered one.

Nogizaka46 Sings AKB48’s “Heavy Rotation” for a Suit Brand’s Promotion Video!
However, it is fun to see how Nogizaka46’s “Heavy Rotation” sounds different from AKB48’s original one.

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Circle: AKB48 Members Join Google+
Thanks to Asiajin for pointing out that Google+ has just been invaded by famous Japanese pop idols AKB48, as well as their lesser known (at least to me) sister groups SKE48 and NMB48 ... you can see ‘Heavy Rotation’ below — a very catchy tune.

Yass heavy rotation always
This video is a repost of AKB48 ヘビーローテーション 会いたかった THE MUSIC DAY 音楽は太陽だ AKB48 SKE48 NMB48 HKT48 乃木坂46 JKT48byTHE MUSIC DAY Yass heavy rotation always.

5 Popular AKB48 Singles That Will Turn You Into Their Biggest Fan!
Heavy Rotation is one of AKB48’s most popular songs with a whopping ... Suzukake Nanchara is AKB48’s 34th single. SKE48 Center/AKB48 concurrent member Matsui Jurina is the center of the song earning the position when she won the Janken Tournament.

Kawaei Rina is Heavy Rotation’s Center in her comeback stage!
And tonight, she was finally back on stage as a performer, as a singer… as a Center of Heavy Rotation!! Heavy Rotation’s Center has a special place for every AKB48 fans Her performance was very cheerful, full of positive energies.

Heavy Rotation (JKT48 album)
Heavy Rotation is the first released album of the Indonesian idol group, JKT48, on 16 February 2013 under the label Hits Records, distributed by PT Sony Music Indonesia Tbk. Songs are from the singles of AKB48 & SKE48 translated into Bahasa Indonesia.

The shocking world of Japanese pop music where teen singers are unashamedly idolised by MUCH older men
AKB48 is a super group of young Japanese women who dance and sing - usually in matching outfits - for their adoring fans Their extreme success has sparked no less than 48 spin off groups from other cities and countries including SKE48 based in Nagoya’s.