Ske48 Itte Koi Restaurant

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Tekken's Pendulum Flip-Book Manga Gets Live-Action Film
Tetsuya Takeda will make a special appearance as a supporting character and Jurina Matsui (SKE48 and AKB48) will play a character showing off the film's pivotal wedding dress. Spanning from the Showa era to Heisei era, the film's story will explore the.

Airi Furukawa
Airi Furukawa (古川 愛李 Furukawa Airi, born 13 December 1989 in Aichi Prefecture) is an illustrator and former member of the Japanese idol girl group SKE48. She is a former member and leader of SKE48's Team KII. Furukawa passed SKE48's 2nd generation.

Billboard Japan Releases Its Year End Charts for 2016 - Arama Japan (press release) (blog)
AKB48's “Tsubasa wa Iranai” received 178,788.50 to top this chart, compared to RADWIMPS' “Zen Zen Zense”'s score of 176,963.20 and Hoshino Gen's “ Koi ”'s score of 172,332.81. AKB48 got the score it got mainly due to the single's 2,507,403 physical units&nbsp.

Are Tomohisa Yamashita and Satomi Ishihara dating?
The two starred together in the 2015 hit Fuji Television drama series “5-ji Kara 9-ji Made: Watashi ni Koi Shita Obōsan ... They were spotted together at a restaurant famous for affluent customers wanting to be discreet, staying well into the.

List of Japanese Words You've Learned!
well, most people had already said the japanese terms i know of... hmm... shall i say "chikusou" for now? :p soRee for the offensive teRm. actually we have a curriculum of japanese in my course when i was in college but of course i didnt took it at heart.

Winter 2017 Preview!
A brief introduction to the series and its premise, often with the starring cast of characters. The writer’s impressions, expanding on the plot and highlighting specific points of interest. This season we’ll continue using our Expectation Levels.

AKB48 Makes History as First Female Artists to Sell Over 30 Million Singles
Gingham Check, Uza, Eien Pressure, So Long!, Sayonara Crawl, Koi Suru Fortune Cookie, Heart Electric, Suzukake no Ki no Michi de Hohoemi o Yume ni Miru’ to Itte Shimattara Bokutachi no Kankei wa Dō Kawatte Shimau no ka, Bokunari ni Nan-nichi ka Kangaeta.

Japan's Weekly CD Rankings for...
1.880,018 *,880,018 Nogizaka46 "Nigemizu" *2. *32,735 *,*32,735 Ensemble Stars! Unit Song CD 3rd Series Vol.2 Knights (Article of Faith) by Knights [Reo Tsukinaga (CV: Shintarou Asanuma), Izumi Sena (CV: Masami Itou), Ritsu Sakuma (CV: Daiki Yamashita.

Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 27 # Behind the bars
Have you had an awkward moment in your life? Well, if yes I would tell you that this is the most awkward moment of my life, the BAAP of them all. Sona & I are in the same car but none of us is speaking. I can just catch her stealing glances & we smile.

Top Manga Ranked by Kono Manga ga Sugoi 2014 Voters - Anime News Network
The book also has commentary from various celebrities such as Tsubasa Honda, Kaori Fujino , Hyadain , SKE48 's Airi Furukawa , and others. Last year, Kenichi Tachibana and Yū Sasuga Terra Formars topped the Male Readers list, and Aruko and Kazune&nbsp.

Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 08: Lending hands to someone is better than giving a dole
do you see merit in the argument that he should legitimately replace mahatma Gandhi as the Father of Nation? Critically comment. Previous story QUIZ – 2016: Insights Current Affairs Quiz- 48.