Ske48 Kataomoi Finally Tracklist 1001

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28th Single will be performed at Janken Tournament!!
To Yuasa at King Records. Sashihara, Sayanee and Matsui Rena will be at Budo-Kan as reporters. Finally, they will announce who will be the next generation’s center in 2 days… As we expect, Mayuyu will become Center? Or Jurina? Or other members that few.

Aozora Kataomoi
a song by the band The Blue Hearts "Aozora", a song from the Aya Ueto album Message "Aozora", a song by Eikichi Yazawa "Aozora", a song by Ken Hirai "Aozora kataomoi", a song by SKE48 Art Aozora, a manga film by Naoki Yamamoto Aozora Shōjotai, an anime.

Review: SKE48 – Utsukushii Inazuma
Compared to “Kataomoi Finally”, this would have to be SKE48’s 2nd best A-side (well, in my opinion, at least) I’m not sure about you, but when I first heard this song, it was instant love. I haven’t loved an SKE48 song so much since.