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Japan's Weekly CD Rankings for...
3.*37,903 969,657 Nogizaka46 "Nigemizu" *4. *31,320 *31,320 THE [email protected] MASTER PRIMAL ROCKIN'RED (BRAVE STAR) by Haruka Amami (CV: Eriko Nakamura), Chihaya Kisaragi (CV: Asami Imai), Takane Shijou (CV: Yumi Hara), Ritsuko Akizuki (CV: Naomi Wakabayashi.

SKE48 takes "Pareo wa Emerald" to Happy Music!
Idol group SKE48 appeared on the July 30th episode of Happy Music to perform their new song, "Pareo wa Emerald"! Clad in matching green and white outfits, the girls deliver a performance so full of pep that they'll have you smiling along.

SNH48’s Gingham Check MV, the girls’ prayers for missing MH370 and other SNH48 news
One week after the disappearance, SNH48 prayed for Malaysian Airlines MH370. Team SII lit the candles and sang Dareka no Tameni (Chinese Version) with fans on their theater. The staff at AKB48WrapUp offers our prayers to the family members who are still.

Performances from Music Station Ultra Fes
On September 23, Music Station aired a special episode titled Music Station Ultra Fes. This special was in celebration of Music Station’s 30th anniversary. The show started at noon and continued until 9:48 PM. It featured performances by the like Ayumi.

Aozora Kataomoi
a song by the band The Blue Hearts "Aozora", a song from the Aya Ueto album Message "Aozora", a song by Eikichi Yazawa "Aozora", a song by Ken Hirai "Aozora kataomoi", a song by SKE48 Art Aozora, a manga film by Naoki Yamamoto Aozora Shōjotai, an anime.

Nogizaka46 “Onna wa Hitori ja Nemurenai” MV Released
The MV for Nigemizu has already been released. Onna wa Hitori ja Nemurenai was made in collaboration with the Wonder Woman movie and has an interesting theme that shows off some elements from the movie. In it, Ozono Momoko and Yoda Yuki are transported to.

Tekken's Pendulum Flip-Book Manga Gets Live-Action Film
The Movie) and Naoko Ken (Mirai Shōnen Conan Tokubetsu Hen-Kyodaiki Gigant no Fukkatsu) will play other roles. Tetsuya Takeda will make a special appearance as a supporting character and Jurina Matsui (SKE48 and AKB48) will play a character showing off.

SKE48’s Mirai to wa? Music Video shot in Reverse
SKE48 has decided to put their best foot forward by shooting their newest music video completely backwards. The cute new video features members of the group dancing and lip syncing to their newest single Mirai to Wa? [未来とは?] all completely in.

3 teenagers steal DVDs to raise money for AKB48 concert tickets
search River, Beginner, kaze wa Fuiteiru, What can i do for someone and other stage song AKB have. @Tom DeMicke their popular so, deal with it and don't search them or avoid articles about them so we don't have to deal with your rant which you got from.

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Clear Stone inc. held a cosplay fashion show "Costume Show Halloween Collection 2015" on October 17, 2015 at Shibuya 109. These days, Halloween became one of the biggest events in Japan, Kikuchi, cosplayed as Ken, character of Street Fighter, said.