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A lot has been said about the four dozen or so girls who make up the idol unit AKB48 , and a fair chunk of it is not especially kind. I'll spare you the details, but words like “insipid,” “degrading,” and “garbage” tend to pop up fairly regularly.

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Plot Summary: Humanity has advanced to great heights since it obtained the information technology known as "Mana." With that nearly magical power, problems like war, food shortages, and pollution have been eliminated. This age of peace and freedom, the&nbsp.

Pop singer's shock marriage announcement at AKB 'election' sparks controversy
Forming the background to this stance is the "general election ... In 2013, the romance of another AKB48 member, Minami Minegishi, was reported, leading her to shave hear head and apologize, saying she didn't want to leave the group.

Largest Japan tourism expo in Taiwan to feature J-pop
TAIPEI--The largest Japan tourism expo Taiwan has ever seen will kick off Friday ... when three members of Japanese girl group AKB48 — Minami Takahashi, Saya Kawamoto and Mion Mukaichi — will perform. One hundred humanoid communication robots called.

Familiar obstacles stymie change in domestic music industry - The Japan Times
While the Japanese music industry ended last year on a promise of change, 2013 has highlighted a few of the ingrained practices that are going to be a little bit more difficult to dislodge. One industry story that caught the interest of the.

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Plot Summary: The everyday lives of the Minami sisters continue. Chiaki, the youngest, continues to call people idiots while worshipping her eldest sister. Kana, the middle, still can't figure out that Fujioka's feelings for her are a crush, not a.

Mantap! AKB48 Bakal Gelar Konser Setiap Hari Mulai Bulan Juli Ini - KapanLagi.com
Kapanlagi.com - Siapa sih yang nggak tahu dengan AKB48 ? Yap, bisa dibilang mega group ini adalah salah satu pionir besar yang menghidupkan era idol group di industri musik modern saat ini. Tapi lebih dari itu, idol group asal Jepang ini juga memiliki&nbsp.

When a teen pop star breaks J-pop 'bushido' code - CNN International
Japan AKB48 pop idol Minami Minegishi shaves head in penance for spending night with man NEWS.com.au.

Japanese pop star sued for thousands for possibly having a relationship - Raw Story
In one incident, Minami Minegishi from a girl group called AKB48 , shaved her head as an act of remorse after it was revealed she had spent the night with a boy-band member. The idea that she was shamed into thinking she needed to shave her head is so&nbsp.

Mobile beauty salon from Sendai refreshes quake evacuees
MINAMI-ASO, Kumamoto Prefecture--A hairdresser from Sendai in northern Japan is operating a free “mobile beauty parlor” for earthquake evacuees here, knowing firsthand that a touch of elegance can lift spirits in the worst of times. Norio Morisue, 72.