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In Japan, Teenage Girls Folding Paper Cranes Has Taken on a Whole New Meaning - VICE News
The tolerance for JK business also arguably extends to AKB48 , an enormously popular all-girl "idol" group. (Idols are young starlets who are singers, actresses, models, and TV personalities, and whose public personas emphasize a girlish cuteness.)&nbsp.

How Stephanie Au is already a winner at the Rio Olympics - EJ Insight
Watching the live broadcast from Rio Saturday morning Hong Kong time, we saw Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong visibly excited and cheering for the Hong Kong team . As for me, let me confess that when I was watching the live telecast I couldn't believe&nbsp.

Sony Music, producer apologize over Nazi-like outfits - The Times of Israel
Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Simon Wiesenthal Center's associate dean, said the display was “inappropriate and deeply offensive” and called for Sony Music Entertainment — the group's label — and producer Yasushi Akimoto, to apologize. “Watching young.

Baseball players like Frozen too: “Let It Go” chosen for Spring Koshien baseball tournament - RocketNews24
That's it, we've seen it all now! The lead song, “Let It Go!” from Disney's Frozen has really taken over Japan now (in case you weren't already 100 percent positive that it had)! We already knew that it was the only song to breach the top 20 karaoke.

What is the greatest height disparity between goalscoring team-mates?
“Has there ever been a greater disparity in the heights of players scoring goals for the same team ... (Wikipedia), Peter Crouch’s height is 2.01m (6ft 7in) and Xherdan Shaqiri is 1.69m (5ft 6in), a difference of 32cm. When Stoke won 4-0 against.

The Idolmaster Shiny Festa Service Ending Blowout Sale Begins - Siliconera
For some reason the songs are deleted after a while. A message at the beginning of the game says that deleted content can be re-downloaded in the DLC store. After May the DLC server will shut down and they'll be gone for good when the application&nbsp.

1805年創業、帰省のおみやげに船橋屋のくず餅はいかが?【かき氷も大好評】 - メシ通
文化二年(1805年)創業の「船橋屋」、亀戸天神前本店です。 文化二年といわれてもよくわからない人のために説明しますと、江戸幕府がロシアからの通商要求を拒否した年ですね。まあ、いま Wiki を見たんですけどね。 下総出身の勘助という人物が開店させたそうです。.

How many members you should put in your RPG party, according to Japanese gamers - RocketNews24
First up, tied for fifth place at the bottom of the list, were parties of five or six, each taking home 3.9 percent of the vote. While there weren't a lot of comments against having a larger party, some users felt like having five or more members made.

Thai sister group for Japan's AKB48 all-girl pop group - Bangkok Post
AKB48 , which marked its 10th anniversary in December, already has active foreign sister groups in Jakarta, Indonesia, and in Shanghai, in addition to sister groups in four Japanese cities outside of Tokyo. .... The way the sister group in Indonesia.

This Japanese Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament Is Probably The Most Intense Thing You've Ever Seen - BuzzFeed News
The group has over 100 members who are split into teams that can rotate and appear at different events simultaneously. The winner of this year's competition – also known as the Janken tournament – would become the center of a new seven-member unit.

Major has ideas about size of Astros parade, Diddy's new name, and WWE upset winners
I weigh a tidy 48.4 pounds (Citizens for Animal Protection must have a new ... Smackdown women's champ Charlotte Flair will stop Raw titleholder Alexa Bliss in her tracks. In a battle of tag-team champs, Cesaro and Sheamus will teach the Usos a lesson.

The great 'Amazing Spider-Man' web-shooter debate - CNN (blog)
With fan anticipation high for another glance at "The Amazing Spider-Man" (though the stars didn't have much to say at a recent press conference, director Marc Webb hinted that another trailer for this summer's reboot of the "Spider-Man" movie.

CRISPR patent wars highlight problem of granting broad intellectual property rights for tech that offers public benefits
Credit: Thomas Splettstoesser (Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0) (—Duke University Law professor ... the courts could be hindering genetic research in possibly detrimental ways. What if a team of researchers is making progress on eliminating a genetic.