Tokyo Dome 2012 Akb48

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Chương trình truyền hình mới của Hàn Quốc bị tố đạo nhái - Báo Thanh Niên
Phần lớn người xem đã chỉ ra nhiều điểm giống nhau giữa sân khấu giới thiệu các thí sinh The Unit trên Music Bank vừa qua và phần mở màn của nhóm nhạc AKB48 trong concert 1830m ở Tokyo Dome hồi năm 2012 . Hai bên chỉ khác ở chỗ số lượng người&nbsp.

Atsuko Maeda's Final AKB48 Performance to be Live Streamed - Crunchyroll News
Part of the formula of pop super group AKB48 is to graduate older girls out of the sorority while auditioning younger ones in. A big change is coming next week when 21-year-old, two time Senbatsu Election champion Atsuko Maeda leaves the group on.

Train halts after drunk man pushes girlfriend onto tracks in Saitama - The Tokyo Reporter (blog)
SAITAMA (TR) – A train stopped before striking a woman who had just been pushed onto the tracks from a station platform by her intoxicated boyfriend in Soka City early Sunday, reports TBS News (Aug. 7). According to Saitama Prefectural Police, Wataru&nbsp.

AKB48 Tokyo Dome concert dates set
28 May – AKB48 has announced the dates of their first Tokyo Dome concert that has been set for this 24, 25 and 26 August. According to Tokyo Hive, AKB48 leader Takahashi Minami made the announcement of the dates on her YouTube channel. Consequently.

Mariners vs. Athletics: 2012 MLB Season Opener from the Tokyo Dome
The Seattle Mariners (0-0) and Oakland Athletics (0-0) will open up the 2012 Major League Baseball season inside the Tokyo Dome on Wednesday, with the first pitch scheduled for 6:10 a.m. EDT. Las Vegas oddsmakers have established the Mariners as -130.

秋元康プロデュース「劇団4ドル50セント」というビジネスモデルは、乃木坂46とAKB48を越えられるか? - ハフィントンポスト
AKB48 は 2012 年、設立から7年目にして東京ドーム公演を行った。 AKB48 の公式ブログは過去に「 TOKYO DOME までの軌跡」というサブタイトルが付いていたが、東京ドーム公演は一つの大きな目標とされていた。AKBの公式ライバルとして2011年に結成された乃木坂46も&nbsp.

Girls' Generation stand before Japanese fans for the first time as 8 members + to release single next year - allkpop
Girls' Generation stepped before their Japanese fans for the first time since becoming an 8-member group during their 'Girls' Generation The Best Live at Tokyo Dome ' on December 9. This was not only their first exclusive concert at the biggest indoor.

Yoshiki Announces New York Concert with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra - Anime News Network
Yoshiki — songwriter, drummer/percussionist, classically-trained pianist and the creative force of the rock group X Japan — has announced a special concert event presented by Knitting Factory, “Yoshiki Classical Special Featuring Tokyo Philharmonic&nbsp.

Wow, Eks Anggota Jkt 48 Berpose Hampir "Telanjang" Untuk Sebuah Majalah - WinNetNews
Aki Takajo adalah member AKB48 yang pada malam pertama konser AKB48 in Tokyo Dome "1830 m no Yume" 24 Agustus 2012 diumumkan kepindahannya menjadi member JKT48. Menurutnya di Google+, kepindahannya ke JKT48 adalah atas keinginan&nbsp.

美空ひばり生誕80周年コンサート開催! AKB48/華原朋美/きゃりー/さだまさし/May J.ら参加 - dot.
これぞ昭和の伝説、美空ひばりさん生誕80周年コンサートが4月開催へ 氷川きよし、 AKB48 ら大集結 ねとらぼ.

AKB48島崎遥香、横山由依らデビュー7周年 “大場チーム4”懐かしむ声も - モデルプレス
2010年10月に横山がチームKへ昇格。2011年には AKB48 の正規チームの4つ目となる「チーム4」を9期生を中心に結成。2011年から「僕の太陽」公演が行われる。 2012 年8月「 AKB48 in TOKYO DOME ~1830mの夢~」において、チーム4の消滅が発表され、同年10月で&nbsp.

Japan's Top Twenty roadside service stops, destinations in their own right - SoraNews24
While they may get none of the glamour or attention of political elections, or the equally important AKB48 general election, the results are finally in for this years Trip Advisor Top Twenty roadside service stops. As we discovered with ... The only.

卒業したアイドルの“セカンドキャリア”とは? 女優として再スタートした元AKB48・大島涼花に問う! -
AKB時代の大島さんは、加入から1年もたたない 2012 年の『 AKB48 in TOKYO DOME 〜1830mの夢〜』公演で、前田敦子さんや篠田麻里子さん、高橋みなみさんといった主力メンバーが揃ったチームAに昇格。その公演は私も観に行っていて「大抜擢」という印象を受けたのです&nbsp.

AKB48「AKB48 in TOKYO DOME ~1830mの夢~」JOYSOUNDとUGAでライブ映像カラオケを独占配信! - PR TIMES (プレスリリース)
株式会社エクシング(本社:名古屋市瑞穂区、社長:吉田篤司)は、明日、12月22日(土)から順次、今年8月24日~26日に行われた AKB48 の東京ドームコンサート「 AKB48 in TOKYO DOME ~1830mの夢~」のライブ映像を、業務用通信カラオケJOYSOUNDとUGAに「ライブ&nbsp.