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Japanese music and vocaloid content disappears as YouTube rolls out new paid service - RocketNews24
But just when it felt like more and more Japanese companies were finally jumping on the YouTube bandwagon, the video -sharing behemoth decided to roll out YouTube Red, a premium, ad-free subscription service that includes the ability to view videos &nbsp.

Unraveling a fantasy: A beginner's guide to Japanese idol pop - A.V. Club Austin
Arashi - Happiness [ PV ] from liliane on Vimeo. To be clear, Arashi is ... what they produce. The group's music videos bring evidence to this claim; take the kawaii-inspired “ Heavy Rotation ,” for example. ... That being said, this video , and others like.

7 Video Klip AKB48 Paling Seksi nan Menggoda - Showbiz
Mari kita lihat video klip AKB48 mana saja yang mengumbar keseksian para personelnya. 1. Heavy Rotation . Tak perlu ditanya, ' Heavy Rotation ' memiliki tema yang cukup sensual. Selain kostum beberapa personel yang cukup menggoda, video klip ini juga&nbsp.

Sexualisation and a shaved head: Who are Japanese idol girl band AKB48?
One of AKB48’s most famous songs is 2010 hit Heavy Rotation. Its accompanying video depicts the group having a pillow fight in their underwear, kissing each other and taking a bath. The clip has 104m views on YouTube. Being in AKB48 brings fame and.

High Tension - DozoDomo
Toujours à la recherche du méga-hit comme " Heavy Rotation " sorti en 2010 ou plus récemment "Koi sur fortune cookie" (2013), la production mise sur une nouvelle chanson très rythmée intitulée "High Tension" (ハイテンション) avec Haruka Shimazaki en&nbsp.

AKB48 Sweeps Japan Society of Songwriters, Authors and Composers Awards
The J-Pop mega-idol group AKB48 is continuing its dominance of the Japanese music industry. The act grabbed the top four spots in JASRAC's (Japan Society of Songwriters, Authors and Composers ... AKB's aptly named track "Heavy Rotation.

Journalist Nearly Banned from YouTube and Gmail For Posting Al-Qaeda Videos From Chelsea Manning Trial
YouTube’s latest push to ban terrorist propaganda across its ubiquitous video platform is getting off to a rough start. Earlier this week, noted investigative reporter and researcher Alexa O’Brien woke to find that not only had she been permanently.

Cross-dressing talent Matsuko Deluxe: AKB opening the Tokyo Olympics “would embarrass Japan” - RocketNews24
The comments came as part of a discussion about the announcement by AKB48's producer Yasushi Akimoto regarding his desire to create a Japan48 group to perform at the 2020 Olympics. Lest you think that is farfetched showbiz dreaming, Akimoto is part of&nbsp.

Japan: AKB48 annual elections only a week away
AKB48 is most popular in their hometown ... Several months ago, many commentators were quick to point out how the group’s new music video for Heavy Rotation seemed to over sexualize the group members who age from their early teens to mid twenties.

AKB48 liefert Musikvideo für “#Suki Nanda” - Sumikai
Die 49. Single der Gruppe ist ab dem 30. August erhältlich. Das fast 10 Minuten lange Video drehte man in Okinawa. Darin tanzen die Mitglieder in der wunderschönen Natur der Insel. Außerdem lernen sie, wie man das “Sanshin“, ein altes traditionelles&nbsp.

AKB48 Producer Akimoto to Produce 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony - Anime News Network
Along with photographer Mika Ninagawa , who shot the music video for the AKB48 song " Heavy Rotation ", he will produce the opening ceremony. The news was largely greeted with delight by the Japanese public, especially the younger demographic.

Trying To Understand Why A Saw-Wielding Maniac attacked Teenage Girls in Japan's Biggest Pop Group - Noisey
What other issues have there been with AKB48 ? I guess the one that Westerners are aware of is their video for " Heavy Rotation ", which seems to tread a fairly close line to soft porn. Concerning when girls in the group are in their early teens... There.

【超多圖.有片】小嶋陽菜脫離AKB 訪港會粉絲親切狂selfie - 香港01
現年28歲的小嶋陽菜,向來都是以天然呆形象廣獲愛戴,脫離AKB後她將積極發展自己事業,雖然今次只有自己一個,也在台上先後熱唱4首歌,包括舊時AKB的大熱金曲《心型病毒》、《 Heavy Rotation.

Prepare to be outraged: Japan votes for its “100 Best World Class Songs” 【Videos】 - RocketNews24
The long-running Japanese music program Music Station recently held a nation-wide survey polling 10,000 people on what they thought were Japan's most world-class songs. Respondents told the TV show which songs they felt best represented Japan,&nbsp.

Konser 'Believe' JKT48 di Bandung Berakhir Dengan Pecah - - Setelah sukses menggelar konser luar kota di Surabaya, saat merayakan hari jadinya yang ke-5, JKT48 menggelar konser di Bandung. Konser yang bertajuk Believe dan berlangsung di Trans Luxury Convention Center Bandung (17/12) ini&nbsp.