Wotagei Akb48 First Rabbits

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FEATURE: Anime vs. Real Life – “Akiba’s Trip The Animation” [Part 2]
The first and second floors mainly contain prize games ... MiS sells new and used DVDs, mainly about adult content. March Rabbit, the shop to the left with the orange sign, is another electronics store in Akihabara. Of course Tamotsu wouldn’t just.

Tokyo 2020: only as old as the medalists you field
While the PM’s economic reforms have become known as “Abenomics,” the Tokyo games are already being referred to in similar parlance as the Abe ‘Lympics. Having previously hosted the summer quadrennial in 1964, Tokyo will be the first Asian city to.

Animal caricatures from classic Japanese scroll art enter the modern world as cute, funny figures
The anthropomorphized frog and rabbit from the famous 12th century Choju-jinbutsu-giga acquaint themselves with computers, selfie sticks and more in this cute line of miniature figures. Quick, what’s the first Japanese manga work ever created.

Sega Teasing “Project 575”
Sega have launched a teaser website for something called Project 575, along with a teaser trailer for the same. You can visit the website here and watch the teaser below: The song playing in the teaser video is by Vocaloid composer Lamaze-P. The character.

Japanese military taps youth culture in recruitment drive
Earlier this year, the armed forces roped in pop idol Haruka Shimazaki of the all-girl group AKB48 as a soft-sell recruitment draw. A bumper crop of military-themed broadcast content includes "Girls und Panzer", a popular anime TV show about schoolgirls.

Why Japanese women are caught in 'yaeba' fang-teeth beauty trend
The fashion craze is called "yaeba," and it involves a lady reshaping her pair of canine teeth, making them look pointed or "fang-like." Japanese men love the "yaeba" smile, and it explains why the trend which, according to The New York Times, first became.

Tomonoura: Where Ponyo and Wolverine crossed paths
Tomonoura was also used by idol megagroup AKB48 when it came time to film the music video for their very first song done in the traditional ... Read more stories from RocketNews24. -- Japan’s Rabbit Island – Yes, it really does exist -- The 11 Cat.

Japan Pop Star Shaves Head, Apologizes for Tryst
Minegishi belongs to the band AKB48, whose members aren't supposed to even date. "I am so sorry," she says. "I don't believe just doing this means I can be forgiven for what I did, but the first thing I thought was that I don't want to quit AKB48.

A quick trip to the ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ scoring stage hits all the right notes
We spent the first half-hour or so trying them all out ... and there will be a version remixed by Noisia that will be on the soundtrack album. Japanese pop group AKB48 handled the theme song for “Sugar Rush,” a cart racing game that is nothing but.

From Akiba to L.A. with AKB48
What a difference a year makes. When J-pop idol group AKB48 first performed on U.S. soil at New York Anime Festival 2009, they were a fresh, promising act that had just begun to take hold of the Japanese national consciousness. Since then, they have.