Yokoyama Yui Akb48 Aitakatta

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AKB48's girl power still strong after 10 years
After releasing two independent label CDs, the group made its major-label debut with the single "Aitakatta ... 8 at the AKB48 Theater, featured a passing of the torch ceremony, as "general director" Takahashi handed over the post to Yui Yokoyama.

New AKB48 Franchise Opens Shop in Shanghai
The 'AKB48 Shanghai Fan Meeting' also featured Kojima Haruna, Abe Maria, Natori Wakana, Kawaei Rina, and Suzuki Shihori performing ”Aitakatta“ and "Heavy Rotation." Kojima and other members weren’t previously informed of this announcement.

AKB48 Girls Star in New Sailor Zombie TV Show
The drama's theme song is sung by Milk Planet, a newly formed subunit group comprised of AKB48 members Mayu Watanabe, Yui Yokoyama, and Karen Iwata. The pictures below show the members of Milk Planet transformed as zombies for their debut music video.

TPE48 recruiting new members, gets 21 schools to participate in “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie” video
TPE48’s idols-in-training pose for a selfie with AKB48’s Yui Yokoyama. AKB48台湾ファンミーティングにて発表になりました! TPE48オーディション9月1日開始! 2011年に発表してから大変お待たせいたしました。.

AKB48 and Justin Bieber Top Billboard Japan's Year-End Charts
The group spoke to Billboard Japan and commented on their impressive chart win. Mion Mukaichi, AKB48: My first solo center spot was with this song and I'm happy it grew to be loved by so many people. Yui Yokoyama, AKB48: It gives us great confidence to.

The world's oddest election
It's tough to stand out in crowd," said Yui Yokoyama, the team leader of AKB48. "We are such a big group. The members are constantly thinking about her own uniqueness." The election, however, does take a toll on group members. Yokoyama said she became.

Working to Make Everyone’s Dream Come True Until the End: Mayu Watanabe Graduation Concert
Once all the 17,000 fans took their seats, projection mapping of 7 golden eagles symbolizing the famous AKB48 Kami 7 filled the giant screens ... Sakura Miyawaki, and Yui Yokoyama to perform the well known Watarirouka Hashiritai song “Kanpeki Gu.

Not Yet aren’t ready to take the AKB48 crown
Not Yet features AKB48 members Yuko Oshima, Rie Kitahara and Yui Yokoyama, along with HKT48 standout Rino Sashihara. As a four-piece, they gain the advantage of not having to compete with 25 other women singing at once, which gives Not Yet’s songs a.

VIDEO: Yui Yokoyama takes over as General Director of AKB48
Some news for fans of AKB48. Minami Takahashi is no longer the General Director. Minami has graduate from the group, and by doing so, passed the baton on to Yui Yokoyama at a ceremony held on December 8. A Contract was signed, so it's legit. The.

For a Pop Star, This Lady Kicks Ass at Wrestling
Yui Yokoyama is a member of cutesy Japanese idol group AKB48. And she can probably dropkick you silly. Typically, you probably don't think of popstars, male or female, being particularly good at wrestling. Then again, you probably don't typically think.