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Quiz: How AKB48 Member reacted to Takahashi Minami’s (Fake) Dating Scandal?
today, during HKT48’s concert AKB48 announced new recruit campaign in Taiwan. Although whether it’s a part of TPE48 plan – like nurturing Taiwanese talent in Japan and bring them back to Taiwan when TPE48 is launched, like many people already.

How do you feel about Yuko graduating from AKB48?
AKB48 may not be the same after she's gone but that does not mean its going to be bad. I respect Yuko and her choses, so to her I say a bittersweet goodbye. I'll still support her if she choses to come back to music.

アニメ「新世紀エヴァンゲリオン」サントラ ハイレゾ音源で12/4より配信開始 - musicman-net
FLY ME TO THE MOON ( YOKO TAKAHASHI Acid Bossa Version) 「NEON GENESIS EVANGELION II/エヴァンゲリオン・オリジナル .... 小嶋陽菜、 AKB48 卒業後初の歌声披露 ママレードボーイOP曲替歌 · 「公開するURL間違えてました。。。」どついたるねん、自主企画を&nbsp.

Yuko Oshima
On August 24, 2012, AKB48 announced a reorganization of the teams, and appointed Oshima to be the captain of Team K. [5] On December 31, 2013, Oshima announced on Kohaku Uta Gassen that she would be leaving the group. [6.

Mitglieder von japanischer Mädchen-Band AKB48 mit Säge angegriffen - news.ch
Tokio - Vor den Augen zahlreicher Fans sind zwei Mitglieder der japanischen Girlgroup AKB48 mit einer Säge angegriffen und verletzt worden. Ein junger Mann ging am Sonntag während einer Fanveranstaltung auf die 19-jährieg Rina Kawaei und die&nbsp.

Emika Kamieda
Emika Kamieda (上枝 恵美加 Kamieda Emika, born 13 July 1994 in Osaka) [1] [2] is a member of team M (former captain of Team BII) of the Japanese idol group NMB48. She auditioned for AKB48 and, after becoming a reserve, she was recommended for NMB48's.

AKB48 Idol Yuko Oshima To Beta Test Final Fantasy XIII-2
With just two short months left to the Japanese release of Final Fantasy XIII-2, it’s pretty much crunch-time for producer Yoshinori Kitase and his team. It’s the one final spurt to smooth out any rough edges still remaining, and they’ll need all the.

Nakajima Yuto and Araki Yuko Pair up in romantic movie “Bokugoha”, catch the trailer!
Hey! Say! JUMP’s Nakajima Yuto stars in his first romantic movie Bokura no Gohan wa Ashita de Matteru and pairs with newcomer Araki Yuko. The films follows the 7-year love story between Hayama Ryota (Nakajima) and Uemura Koharu (Araki) from their first.

What direction is Akb48 heading in?
Komiharu was a KKS when Yuko Oshima was just about to graduate, and Komiharu is JUST now getting her due in AKB. That’s kind of sad, considering how incredible she is, and she’s a beautiful girl with a great smile on top of her excellent personality.

Who has the most attractive face in AKB48 in your opinion
Stop being such a bitter AKB48 hater and go fap to more snsd Kojiharu is the prettiest to me, but yes reinyan is damn gorgeous she's my nugu oshi <3 LMFAO @ how you've made a thread about their faces yet more than half of the pics are all about showing off.

New arcade game lets you get face-to-face with AKB48 members… and shoot them in the face
Starting this April in arcades everywhere, darlings of the idol scene, AKB48 will be making their debut in an arcade ... This zombie army is represented by Yuko Oshima, Mayu Watanabe, Yuki Kashiwagi, Rina Kawaei, Anna Iriyama, Mako Kojima and Miki Nishino.

An Interview with Trish Stratus and Amy Dumas
It may seem odd that Nihongogo is interviewing professional wrestlers but in my experience many fans of Japanese idol music also happen to be very big fans of wrestling as well. In fact, the very first Selective Hearing roundtable covered that exact topic.